-=[]=---------- [DEMO FIXES] ---------=[]=-

Axend-A New Group  Loader fixed 51.757
Crest-Demus Interruptus  Emufuxxor removed 54.051
Crest-Puke Around The Easter eggs  Emu fix 95.800
Hitmen-TOE2  Unfrozen+repack 16.401
Noname-Unnamed  unp+repack 13.079
Bonzai-Cockcrusher  Part 3 loader fixed+repack 70.096
Excalibur Intro (Neuronics+2)  Intro was exiting too early in emus 84.256
Covenant-Lost in time  some fixes and onesided, see patch.txt 99.010
Digital Minds-SoTeMo  onefiled 9.300
Camelot-You Know The Routine  Flickers between parts fixed 67.185
SoftZone-Dragzone  Sometime unpacker bugged on emus, unpacked and fixed 12.852
Oxyron-Fantasia 2  Part 01.eci-plasma bugged when pressing space 116.600
Commodore Format Show  Unfrozen, Flicker fixed in scrollers, cleaned 62.366
Civitas-Songs for summer  was missing a song due to bad code, cleaned 29.908
BluezMuz-Larger Than Life  was 221 block, added a self-turboloader + introless version 120.260
Zyrox-Brosai Bombu  part 3 had a bad loader, rebuilt 36.396
Creators-I'm Back Again  Shortened, one random crash in pt2 fixed, intermissions fixed 91.330
Abyss-DONNERNDE_KATAUN  Irq didn't trigger in emulators 20.491
Mayhem-Comic Art #9  Intro Depacker worked only with zeroed memory 146.514
Relax #3 - fixed  Often crashed on depack due to bad irq init 15.770
Orbs - Brutal blue  Loader only worked with Exos v3 kernal 25.959
Alive The Maniacs Of Noise Collection  A lot of bugs and missing files, see txt inside 109.496
Magnetic Media 4  Diskmag with a lot of bugs and broken files 68.140
TheForce - Final Frontier  Multigroup demo with a lot of bugs 73.524
Accuracy - SPLASH #09  Diskmag with a bugged music routine 65.585
BoozeDesign - The Legend Of Smirnoff  All parts depacked and loader fixed 43.295
LOA - Glory 3  All parts depacked, space bug in pt.1, last part & loaders fixed 56.183
Hitmen-4kiloz just a stack problem pressing <- directly. worked only after note (space+<-) 43.527
Collision+Eurasia-The Plague 3 parts (0d,0h,0i) needed correct init and clean ZP 150.397
Creation&HTC-Megademo_1  1 part (04) needed correct stack pointer set before loading 146.958
Inceria-Sign 'o' the Times-fixed 1 part (06) needed correct init before starting 88.423
Poor+Biascrusher(BF+Origo)  1 part (b*) needed correct init before starting 145.349
Digi Box 5/Gloom  One digi was truncated, menu music now loops 279.550
Mindforce/FCS  Last Part only started with SpeedDOS ROM 42.869
Wuiti's Sound Collection 1/TAT  fixed init in player 46.469
Duplex - Paradise demo (2 vers.) fixed loader in part 1 & 3 118.473
Powerzone - Progen  fixed 2nd part depacker 79.493
Dolphins - Wildest Dreams  fixed last part loader 107.834
Rambo Group - Giga-Demo  fixed first part loader 19.926
Dualis - Unite Makes Strong  fixed part 9 to work without SpeedDos ROM 101.817
Audio-visual - SCC  fixed all 4 parts, see .bat inside 63.418
Ultra Violet 5 - Matrix  fixed all parts, see .txt inside 122.208
Drive - Contribution To Ironsplits 2 fixed depacker for 2nd part, works always now 16.130
Mute 101 - Pizza Pukin'  fixed 1st part, removed space check in last part 31.246