M.U.L.E. crack by Antiram, Drive# fix by iAN CooG/HokutoForce
Serpentile +1 Ripped/trained from CRT, works in CCS
Spy Vs Spy step by step how-to taperip this game, done for ICSE and Ready64 italian forums
ETAS crt Ripped and converted to .prg for Tom-Cat (revised, BDOS added)
The Match Fixed for drive/IDE64 saving and loading
Valkyrie 17 Fixed for drive/IDE64 saving and loading+"protection" query removed :-D
Hades this game seemed badly broken
JetSetWilly+2 beta release, loading pic included
BOMB preview Superb game preview, +2 trained and fixed
Flubble&Squij preview game preview found at GTW64, unfrozen and +3 trained
Zyron's escape +2 NATO version was bugged, my trainer works
Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles Original disk from GB64, password removed and life trainer
Hero Of The Golden Talisman +4DP Original, cracked d64 and onefiled+pic+dox+trainers
Labyrinth / Space Talisman +4D Original dump by Eregil from Arnold (found at GB64 with the name "Space talisman")
Labyrinth / Space Talisman map roughly taken from memory at $a000 and converted to text then bitmap
RAMPAGE (GKGM Clone) OneFiled found at GB64, made just to prove that it can be done
Mood 2.5 +2+NTSC fix New Preview with map and options, 2 trainers & Bordersprites fix for NTSC users
The rebels +3Bubble Bobble meets Bruce Lee. Addictive game
Joe Gunn+aka MontezumaRevenge 2007 =)
SidPlay64 0.4 by GRG Fixed to work on IDE64
VicTree cart Modified to work as standalone prg
ModPlay64 1.2e (D64)(D81)(src) Onefiled and fixed, see whatsnew. D64 with 2 small .MODs, D81 with 5 large .MODs and full patch source
ArrowOfDeath_v2Disk fixed, 2 separate programs
ArrowOfDeath_v3_onefiled Diskfixed and onefiled
Not even Human quick tape crack
Knight'n'Grail prv +1 onefiled and trained
Joe Gunn - on CRT just a test cart
QGame - On CRT just a test cart
SubHunter - On CRT just a test cart
PinballDreams64 prv - On CRT just a test cart
(These are not official HF releases, done only for fun)
Berzerk Redux +
Knight'n'Grail +